Saturday, June 05, 2004

Great news

Creed broke up

Reagan dies at age 93

Story here. America lost a great president and a fine man today.

Friday, June 04, 2004

The Top 5's

Following C's example, my top 5 movies (in no particular order) are:

High Fidelity
Suicide Kings
The Blues Brothers
American History X

And a few older movies that deserve the honorable mention:

The Manchurian Candidate
12 Angry Men
Gideon's Trumpet

Favorite bands:

Stone Temple Pilots
Foo Fighters
Queens of the Stone Age
Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five (that counts as one, right?)

#6 - Ryan Adams

Note: These lists are subject to change at the drop of a hat. They've stayed pretty stable for quite some time now, though.

There... maybe that will satisfy Melin... a bit

Random thought

Anybody else out there against the death penalty? Anybody against it because they think it's too soft on crime? I mean, c'mon... death is such a cop-out. Put me in charge and we'll bring back the Russian gulag. There's plenty of wide open area in Alaska just begging for some death row inmates to come and break up the millions of rocks into tiny bits of gravel. I don't know about you, but a life of hard labor doesn't sound too appealing.

Movie night

Tonight I watched Finder's Fee. Good flick. Fun twists. Quasi all-star cast. Actually, it gave me a Suicide Kings feel... just take out Walken and replace him with James Earl Jones

...but don't make him a gangster.

...and don't amputate any fingers.

...and nobody's sister got kidnapped.

...and throw in that dude from Van Wilder.

new york

i'll be gone until sunday night to the big apple, hopefully getting a job in the inner city, so i won't be updating this weekend. maybe one of my lazy contributors will drop a few words.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

the seal issue

i have to say that i disagree on the aclu's position on this case. after looking at it, i think it is much less a religious issue and very much a historical one. the seal represents the history of the area, and for that reason should be kept. on a similar note, things like swastikas and the "stars and bars" are symbols not just of history, but of hate. was the church a good influence in california? that can be debated, but the are key to the history. i think the biggest problem i had with erik was his unjustified slam at the aclu. like them or not, they serve a purpose.

the producers remade

but you wouldn't know from this article. it makes it sound like it is just being taken from stage to screen. perhaps the writer never saw the film?


my top five, in no order:

bottle rocket
chasing amy
the princess bride
the big lebowski

yah, they are are current. some older movies i like:

dr. strangelove
cool hand luke
the great escape
all the president's men

movies: the great escape (sans motorcycle). when the world gets crazy, just pop in a dvd or vhs or laserdisk (anything i forgot?) and let the director paint a picture of other possibilities for you. i just hope i end up writing a good one at some point.


i have been going through my music and have found my self debating as to who i like the best:

less than jake or reel big fish?
fountains of wayne or hootie and the blowfish?
gin blossoms or weezer?
mxpx or five iron frenzy?
miles davis or coltrane?
outkast or jurassic 5?
pas/cal or marcy playground?
tom petty or the beatles?

in the end it doesn't matter, i love all of these and many more. thats what is great about music: everyone has something they like, and almost everyone can identify with songs and feel better because of it. that said: country sucks.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


wow. he has 37 IBB. the next closest: the arizona diamond backs with 23. that's right, the whole team.

bonds has 10 strikeouts and 68 walks. he is on pace for over 200 walks and 44 hr. has he juiced up? if there could only be one thing responsible, then i'd say yes. but with new training techniques, better bats, and personal trainers, all atheletes have been getting bigger. with bonds, the big deal is: 1. his trainer being in trouble, and 2. his being so much better than everyone. so i say that other reasons are just as viable, and until it's proven, i'll assume he's not guilty.


well, these two teams split their to regular season games, both home teams winning. the lakers even gave up 106 at detroit. this was all before rasheed came to detroit.

so how will the series play out? most people are guessing 4 or 5 for the lakers. but let's look at this thing.

the lakers only work when shaq is killing and kobe gets going. the wallaces' can hang with shaq, making his life difficult. prince is out of his mind right now on d, so put him on kobe. hope the rest don't kill you, but it's not like everyone else in detroit are slackers on the d end of the floor.

who can stop rip? they say kobe, but can he keep up with rip and still be effective on the other side of the floor? the boggest problem on offense is big ben. he won't do anything against shaq.

so who will win? i'm taking detroit in 6. i think they'll slow down and beat up la, and in the end rip will be the only one left with anything in the tank. at least i hope it happens that way.


that's what a baby costs in south korea. that's as good a price as any.


i knew they wouldn't pull this game out when i saw all the hype espn had on this game. thanks espn. you made the d-backs feel like scrubs that had something to prove. jerks.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


i got this one right. pistons in 6 and rip went nuts. artest is nuts.


yes, i'm optomistic, but even i can see they beat up on three bad teams.


warner is done with st. louis. being a 'phins fan, i don't really care, but weren't we all sick of him and his wife?


do you think the pacers would just accept walk-ons at this point if they could? their two best players and starting pg are banged up, so don't put any money on them tonight. go pistons!

can we agree?

that if the prison abuse scandal is political, then so was the impeachment? i personally don't see how people could argue that either would have lasted so long without sensationalism (prison photos, starr report) and the guilty party constantly complaining about the need to not focus on the mistake? yes, they are political, but as they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. the noisy whiner gets the press.

brewster's millions

there was always something that bugged me about this movie. well, aside from being a little silly and way formulaic, i hate that train going through the outfield. no league would allow it, but no one, not even the yankees seemed out of sorts about it.

why not kerry?

what are core reasons people have been against this guy? too liberal? flip-flops? caring too much about foriegn opinions? no good reason? i know my reason, but i don't think many people agree with me. they should, though.

red and blue: do they represent you?

i am tired of being lumped in with everyone in my state as a republican. the texas republicans called and asked me to give them money. their rationale? i sounded like a republican, and of course i'm a texan. just because i live in this state, i must support the "red state" candidate. i feel bad for the people like me that don't vote with their surroundings. i am sure there is a "blue state" candidate many people would rather not be associated with, but are due to geography. i just feel that my vote has lost some meaning considering there is no chance anyone but bush will win here. does this same feeling occur in those states that are predestined for kerry? i can vote to show my support to the causes i believe in, but it won't change anything in this election. face it: i could if i could get my whole city (el paso) to vote for, say, local legend don haskins, it would not impact the states electoral college votes going to bush. i might try to do it, anyway.


the streak is at 10. bonds has 14 dingers, 34 behind the others. now that the offence looks like it belopngs in the majors, he may not catch them.


i was wrong. did i mention i hate the lakers? now that is bias!

Monday, May 31, 2004

white wash

now they just need the kid from "powder" to make this display complete.

memorial day: a day for heroes

today we remember the sacrifice our men in uniform have made for this country over the years. our country was built on the backs of these men and women. i thank every person to have worn our uniform with dignity and honor. for me, i especially thank my best friend who served a hitch in iraq and got home safe. rob of "the mind of rob" has an excerpt from a letter penned by a decorated vet.

"war on terror"

i have to admit that it really bugs me that when addressing the public the administration lumps together operation iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom (formerly infinite justice)? they are two different campaigns with different enemies and objectives. it preys on the inability of some to understand that not all arabs are the same.

Sunday, May 30, 2004


you have to love rip. if they don't learn how to stop him, this series is over.


they are finally over .500. if they can stay there, they'll be in the race all year.


in the realm of entertainment is there anything worse?

some liberal bias

this story could qualify. should corporate america be up front about their earnings? yes. are the problems in the porn industry their fault. no.

the day after tomorrow

why might bush not want you to see this? because they made gore the president.

this movie was fun. i enjoyed myself, but mainly because of how ridiculous it was. and the special effects. and emmy rossum. was it good, though? of course not. it was a bad big summer movie. do i suggest it? only if you watch movies with a grain of salt. on a personal note, it was fun to see the local channel 7 anchor man in his cameo at the border. i would talk about all the things that bugged me about this movie, but i don't want to basically recreate the whole movie here.

grade C
summer movie grade B

a good reason not to vote kerry

he is backing the packers. i am not anti-packers, and in fact am anti-patriots (the team, not actual patriots). i just don't think you should betray your team for any reason, especially a silly one. if i was ever in the witness protection program, you could find me by looking for a blogger that talks ad infinitum about the sf giants and miami dolphins. yeah, i'm not voting kerry now. maybe i'll write in for the liberal slayer.

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