Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I don't like to judge people by their beliefs. I try to be a very open-minded person when encountering new people, new situations, and new cultures. But one culture I don't think I will ever understand is the Islamic fundamental types.

We all know that Islam is a peaceful religion, but like any other religion, there are asses out there who will take what it teaches and use it to create a culture of fear and hatred. People say that this film is an attack on the Islamic faith. I don't think that is the case here. I do find that the culture of these fundamentalists does require this kind of attention.

The director of this film, Theo van Gogh, was killed on November 2 by a muslim extremist. The video itself is quite moving, I thought. Check it out.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Guess I better pull up the slack

Since Chuckles is on hiatus, I guess it is up to me to pick up the slack with the randomness, huh?

Here we go...

So apparently some guy down in Blair, Nebraska took some pictures of the Northern Lights. The way I figure it, I'm farther North, so I have an even better shot of seeing these things. I think I'll go for a little drive and see what I can come up with to throw into the Photo Gallery.


on hiatus

i'm sure that anyone that reads this finds this as no shock, but i haven't osted recently. this is due to several job related craziness. to fight this sudden swell in paperwork i have declaired myself on hiatus until december. now i know it'll be hard to deal, but i'm sure you'll make it. feel free to visit other great sites and come back in december to hear from me. erik may post, but you never know.

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