Saturday, April 24, 2004


I just realized that i don't know if i can curse or not here. boy, this is embarrassing. If only those words didn't exist in vocabulary. i will just watch myself and hope i don't slip up


I cannot express in words the rage i feel every time i see the pavlovian domino's pizza commercial. i want knock the pizza guy's teeth out each time i here him chastise the people making his job necessary. these are the things that really bug me.


I don't know whether to blame tony scott or christian wagner for the movie that is "man on fire." how much say did wagner have in post? the movie would have been great at 100 minutes, but it rolls to a stop at 146. was it drama, or action? i don't think scott wanted to pick, and it shows. two biggest miscues: Radha Mitchell picking up a southern accent half way through, and the cutesy subtitles. inovation sometimes fails, as it did here with the dancing, haphazard use of subtitles. not being a big fan of scott, i still have to say he messed up a good story. maybe that is his true gift. at least "spy game" was shown out of order when i saw it: that made up for the shabby post-production work. what was the reason this time?

Man on Fire: B-


just read today's "boondocks." i must remember to mark this day down, just to see how close McGruder comes to picking the right day


Following the giants game on espn gamecast, it occurs to me that i die a little bit inside everytime tucker comes to the plate

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