Saturday, May 29, 2004

good guys don't wear masks

that is how we know the picture at truth, and other victims of terror is of a terrorist. what about the lone ranger? this is my favorite site to go to for unabashedly slanted reporting.

what is you favorite bad song?

mine is peter cetera's "glory of love." this song just made the karate kid 2. how did this song come about? did cetera excitedly tell his friends he just made a great ballad, only to have them laugh at him? then, as he was throwing away the sheet music, the producer of KK2 calls and asks for a ballad, and cetera figures "why not" and sends over a copy. the movie is ready to ship, but they are still waiting for cetera's ballad. it arrives and they balk, but it is too late for any other song, so it gets used anyway. i think that is the back story to my favorite bad song, but i could be wrong.


that bonds guy is good. the giants are riding high off bonds' current hot streak and have won 7 staight. i'm getting optimistic about this season now.

Friday, May 28, 2004

we get it: you don't like him

bill simons again goes after darko:
Darko cheering from the bench with tape over his earlobes ... he's either hiding earrings or this is some sort of bizarre Serbian fashion statement. Either way, putting Darko in this series is like putting Corey Haim in "Saving Private Ryan."

i really, really hope darko becomes the best big man in the league in the next five years. the dude is 18. why not give him a chance to evolve?

pacers win

they were just the better team tonight. i like o'neal, so i'm glad he's ok, but i still hope they lose.

one story, two bad jokes

it looks like he put someone else's money where his mouth is. did this town (bartlett) get named after the "west wing" president, just as truth or consequences nm got its name from pop culture. is this new england's answer to joe, montana?

i don't like this brand-name-in-place-of-the-product thing

i am currently enjoying a mix of root beer and irish cream. i know i'm not the first person to do it, so i look up the name of the drink. it's a baileyfloat. but i don't drink bailey's. i go carlolans or bushmills. has anyone heard another name for this drink?


i like this movie. everyone else i've talked to about hates it. sure it isn't the best story, but it treats the source material like literature, which hasn't really happened with other comic book movies. maybe i'm just too much of an ang lee fan.

the media bias

1. can you point out where this bias is please? yes, some outlets skew left. others skew right. where are examples of true bias that aren't refuted in other mainstream media. i'll look at them all. i want to be proven wrong. it seems to me that we buy it because we here it so much. here is a study that shows that in many ways the "liberal" media is in fact conservative. just watch the cycles. who ever is on top gets the lion's share of the negative press. why? it sells.

2. as for the off-topic comment on cnn and fox news, have you tried to watch cnn? the production values are low, and their people don't shout and put people down as much as fox news. america likes to be entertained, and that is what fox news does. here's a question: what is more popular, a documentary on, say, anything, or reality programming? what is more popular on-line: intellectual debates like this one, or porn? just because it's popular doesn't mean it's better.

3. i'll give you that fox news is a better watch: they do a better job, period. if cnn could match production values, then maybe they'd be even in ratings. i'm an msnbc man myself.

4. as for the new york times, they know the prison scandal will sell their papers, so thats what they put on the cover. if kerry was found out as gay, or a junkie, or to be cheating on his wife, what do you think the story one page one would be?

o'reily is shocked

that the new york times is covering the prison scandal ad nauseum? remember oj? the 2000 election fiasco? they put up what sells. it's not anti-bush; it's pro-profit. were we sick of oj? yes. did people follow it everyday? yes. they go for the buck, just like everyone else.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

adam gadahn

wouldn't this guy make a fun new character on the oc?


look who's only 3.5 back. i swear, as bad as they looked in april, they are still way in it.

oh, and i hate the lakers. kobe is freaking me out. one would think these court dates would take their toll at some point


this sounds fine, but was it a problem?

Sometimes I hate the ACLU

In reality there is the rare occasion that I don't hate the ACLU. THIS is not one of them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

worst movie you've ever seen?

my vote is time changer. its a christian movie that claims the root of all evil is morality without god. it was just plain bad.

pistons win!

sure they let the pacers get within sight of the lead at the end, but they dominated overall, holding a double digit lead most of the way. i gotta say it: i love rip. let's hope they can put the pacers on the ropes with another great game in game 4.

dumb things

it there anything dumber than the kfc "ladies day" commercial? it really bugs me.

the day after tomorrow

is anyone looking forward to this movie? it looks ok at best, yet it is opening on 5 screens at the theatre near me. what gives?


On a followup to the "White Chicks" thought...

Anybody looking forward to the new sitcom, "Method and Red", due out on Fox in a couple weeks? Didn't their movie flop? What makes them think that a sitcom will do any better?


what are the odds that "white chicks" will be the worst movie ever? i'd say its even.

manure? lead with the dead bodies

a school prank that involves manure, dead animals and animal blood, and only mentions manure in the title? aren't dead animals a little worse? seeing as the media usually goes for sensationalism over, say, facts, this is just plain odd.

Soccer? Football? Rugby!

Does anybody understand Rugby? It looks fun simply because it looks like one of those games you would play when you were little and you made up the rules as you went along.

liberal, not democrat

one thing i want to clear up: i don't really like the democrats. i just like them a lot more than this current batch of republicans. i think the two main parties are inherently flawed in their practices and they both concede too much to their financial backers. i know i come off as a demo because they tout support for many things i believe in, and i'm outspoken about my dislike for republicans. that doesn't mean they really speak for me. i'm the worst kind of independent: i sound a lot like one of the main parties, but do not align myself with any third party. i am merely a liberal.

spanky is no vulgar

a member of ringling brothers and barnum and bailey's circus has been arrested on child porn charges. yet another reason not to like clowns or circuses. at the last circus i went to, i witnessed two deaths, so i'm biased against them. vulgar is a reference to the movie "vulgar" from view askew. it's not for everyone, but it's good if you can take it.

family guy marathon

i just watched every family guy episode (i have a lot of time on my hands right now) and i have to say they have some real hate for the forgettable "dharma and greg." i never saw a whole episode, but it never seemed any worse than any other show. why the hate?

dirty bombs

i am all for getting rid of dirty bombs in an attempt to keep them away from terrorists. the last thing we need are unstable people with "the bomb." i am also for greatly reducing our weapon stockpiles. i think we can rest assured with less but better weapons. do we really need 10,000 nuclear warheads? how about we destroy some of the weapons we don't need?

farley was shrek

i just learned chris farley was the original voice of shrek. too bad they didn't finish his dialogue so this could be his last movie. yes i know, dirty work was his real last movie, but he is forever saddled with the memory of the very forgettable "almost heroes" being his swan song.

just why didn't that movie work? a talented director: christopher guest, a great physical comedian: chris farley, a good strait man: matthew perry (as evidenced in "the whole nine yards"), and a great character actor: eugene levy. yet it is pure crap.

now taking requests

for topics to write about. don't worry, i'm not running out of things, i'm just wondering what people want to hear about leave your ideas with me via email or the comment button below.

nba block party

the pistons are ready to host a block party tonight, or at least i hope so. while low scoring games are usually a nightmare to watch, game 2 was a delight. there is nothing better than a game when one team dominates the other at one end of the floor. i hope the pistons can hold them to 60 tonight.

more college grads gone wild

hofstra booed doctorow for his anti-bush speech. who will be next?

royal mail

i don't have anything to add to this.


bonds went deep, leaving him 20 behind his mates. if he gets hot again, he'll catch him in a month.

bonds 11
the rest 31

will i go blind, too?

i caught my foster brother pleasuring himself in the back room. her's the thing: there is a lock on the door, and he didn't even close said door. that's just sad.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

contributors usually contribute

i'm just saying. between those two they have posted one topic.

nba: the lakers win it all!

i have one conspiracy theory that i have bought into: the nba tries to fix games. this belief comes mostly from my extreme hatered of the lakers. i know i'n irrational on this point, but now david aldridge thinks smething fishy is going on. you know, if i'm right about this, then i may have to subscribe to more conspracies.

the next big thing

i am now receiving "free gas" spam. i wonder if it will ever rival the amount of mortgage and penis enlargement spam i get.

Monday, May 24, 2004

say it ain't so, snoop

snoop doggy dog is getting a divorce. i honestly didn't know he was married.

no, you're dumb!

mass. gov. romney gave the commencement speech at suffolk university and chastised the students that turned their back to him. how did he chastise them? ready for this? he called them biased. let that sink in. in case you're lost about this, look here.

it's on, now!

in london they concieved a child from 21 year old frozen sperm. i say we can beat that by at least a month or two. we just have to want it

how about we go after the leak instead

the feds have issued subpoenas to tim russert and matthew cooper in their efforts to se if the administration improperly leaked info on valerie plame. how about asking robert novak (the guy who broke the story) and the administration instead of putting the media on trial.

censorship: you have to censor the right stuff for it to work

well, i was visiting a blog i'm not going to mention at this time when i got in an argument about when i thought it was right to kill someone. i said that it is only right when that person gives you permission. well wasn't i surprised when my seemingly innocent comment was removed. the funny part was that i said much more damning things in other posts, even going as far as backing the side the creators of the sight were against. i'm just saying that if you're going to censor your blog, you should do a better job of it.


have you ever been hit in the gut right when you're waking up? me niether, but that is a lot like the giants' situation right now. they finally get durham in the line up, fonzie starts hitting, and bonds might go on the dl. the good news is they are only 4.5 back.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

my dad is funny

he's happy sherk 2 (i give it an A) is the fastest grossing movie ever. he's happy because it is a movie that doesn't celebrate violence. funny, he had no problem with this movie.

abandon ship!

it looks like everyone will leave bush if he wins. how about selecting me? i'll bring a different viewpoint, but will know who signs my checks. i promise not to be a big headache until i resign and get a book deal. if he makes me attorney general, i'll make up silly songs, too.


wolves win. i guess espn, tnt, and fox sports called that series a little early.

2004 election

what should i do? living in a state that is not up for grabs (texas) has left me with a dilemma. i don't want bush back, but i'm not salivating over kerry, either. should i go third party, vote to keep bush out (vote for kerry), or stay home?

my main goal is to oust bush, but i'm not in a power position at all here. what to do?

espn just lazy

i was looking at the baseball power rankings, and they don't comment on every team now! come on, 300 comments a week is too much for them? i'll do it for half of whatever the current guy gets. this is ridiculous.

am i a bad person

for continually baiting an israeli zealot with pro-palestinian arguments? i am the one posting anonymously. yes, i am afraid of posting contrarian commentary on a religious zealot's website.

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