Saturday, July 31, 2004

harold and kumar go to white castle

grade: B+

i have to admit to be a fan of both the leads in this film, as well as a fan of many of the cameo-stars. this movie is a buddies-on-the-road formula film that works because it knows how far to take the joke and when to play serious for the laugh. neil patrick harris' part was particularly nice. if you are looking for a good clean fun stoner film, harold and kumar is for you. i recommend it.

the manchurian candidate

grade: B

this is yet another remake, a movie based on a screen play based on a novel no less. let's face it: denzel is just good. the rest of a cast does well, but knowing what was going to happen put a damper on the experience for me. it is still worth a look, so i'll say go see it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

in america every, well, most votes count

it seems that the electronic age of voting has had some casualties in florida (of course).  while only back up data was lost, it shows that the system is not as secure as is claimed.  also alarming is the report that touch-screens register 6 times more no votes than optical scan ballots.  take the threat of postponing elections, the knowledge that we might not count all of votes due to electronic oversight, and to that disenfranchised minorities and i can't wait for election season!

Monday, July 26, 2004

new paper source

now i can tell the kids that their paper is a piece of shit without getting in trouble!

i, robot

the grade: B

this is a movie based on the summary of a dust sleeve of the book.  if that.  but as its own movie it is entertaining, and it takes some nice steps in dealing with the three laws of robotics.  this movie should have had another name, as it is judged (fairly) by the book.  just don't name a movie after a book if it isn't going to be anything like it, or take the family guy avenue (peter griffin presents the king and i).  as a stand-alone flick it left me with good vibes and no regrets.  a solid summer choice that you should give a chance if you like will smith movies (though this one is the slightest bit smarter than most of his big-budget work).

Sunday, July 25, 2004


i don't need this right now. ricky williams has retired from the nfl, leaving the dolphins beached. while i respect his ability to walk away from the money, i wish he wasn't walking away from the team. also, doesn't he realize i have to start work tomorrow? on that front, what is more fun than a 30 student classroom? that's right, a 40 student classroom!! joy.

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