Wednesday, October 06, 2004

another ask charles

What is the process when hydrochloric acid 

removes impurities from the surface of metals?

well, i'll say pickling

vp debate

i have to say that this felt like a wash to me. they both came off as vindictive, with neither one really scoring points. kerry-edwards were shown to be perpetually absent from their obligations and bush-cheney came off as totally inept. yipee.


this is scary, yet we're not hearing that much about it. at least we know exactly what is happening in the scott peterson case.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

review this

this part is acting up, too.

anime: overrated

ask charles

my site is having trouble, so i'm going to update it here:

where were u born?  el paso, tx

I can understand everything else everyone has asked you.
But I don't think anyone's asked you this yet:
Why did you become a teacher?

Why El Dorado
High School. Mind you, Mr. Melin,
I have absolutely nothing wrong with you
working there.
But why? I mean. You went to ... that... place.. college thing?

Isn't there anything else you wanted to.
(This not including your video career!)

i became a teacher for the vacation time. actually,
i love to see people when they finally start thinking,
so why not lend a hand? el dorado because they we hiring.
i'd like to get money for nothing, but paris hilton took that one.

Why the hell do you have a website you egotistic freak!!!!!!!!!:

well, because i'm an e
gomaniacal jerk.

i'm back

finally i'm back. the home is set up and work is good. i am here again to enrich your lives.


politics: kerry won the debate, but i like bush's reactions

baseball: i f-ing hate the dodgers. post season pick: sox over cards in 6

football: will the phins go 0-16?

is god pissed at america?

mr. show's 4th season came out, i hope you got a copy

well, that good for now. peace.

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