Thursday, June 10, 2004

attending a wedding

i'm attending the wedding of some college friends this weekend, so i won't be updating until sunday or possibly monday. hopefully erik or even "d. darko" will pull their weight. peace.


wow. i thought the pistons would win, but a twenty point blowout? they are playing about as well as is possible. i can't wait to start hearing excuses for the lakers after this total domination of them.

r.i.p. ray charles

ray charles died today. we have lost a national treasure.


they lose their series with the d-rays. they're just lucky the majors aren't run like the premier league, or they would be replaced after such a poor performance.

gay marriage in the land of enchantment

a temporary restraining order that sounds less than kosher, wording that is strait-forward, yet vague at the same time. this case has movie-of-the-week written all over it.

my take: just let them get married already.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

ditching trackback

it was behaving oddly, and you can click on the time to get a permanent link if you really want it.

carrot top

he used to be wimp, and now he could kick my ass. this is distressing.


i have accepted a job with a school district here in el paso. it came down to what i was teaching. (social studies in el paso or math in new york) i am not forsaking the idea of going to new york next year, though.

texas tech

they just signed knight to an extension. good, he's the best thing that happened to tech.


sure the lakers pulled out the win, but don't act like the pistons are in trouble now. they came back in that game to take the lead near the end, then didn't foul shaq. they came that close to being up 2-0. they still took the home court away, so watch out. the pistons are playing great team ball, don't be shocked when they take two of three at detroit and win in six.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

last comic standing

i wish the loud texan had made it through. he was loud, dumb, and made light of the things i don't like about texas.


they beat the d-rays. but, really, if they didn't, why not just fold the franchise? this was the d-rays chance to see the same giants that spurned then about a decade ago.

missing the insult

espn is focusing on the wrong part of parcell's offending quote. calling asians "orientals" is very insulting to some. as a friend of mine put it, people are asian, rugs and vases are oriental. sure the "jap plays" line was bad, but the oriental line was worse.

collin quinn

he compared ww2 to our current problems in iraq in an attack on michael moore. this really bugs me. do we really see everything in terms of ww2, whether it is an apt analogy or not? do we blame the history channel? is it the only war idiots like quinn understand? and finally, shouldn't the host of a comedy show be at least a little funny?

bill's dirty pool

a day of honoring reagan was both appropriate and very touching, and it all was non-partisan for the most part. that is until i watched the o'reily factor. he had the gaul to compare the current prez. bush to reagan. the "great communicator" to the guy who doesn't mind getting "misunderestimated." the man who helped set up the ussr for its fall, taking out our last great enemy, to the man that tried to make us all fear for our lives from an evil dictator in iraq. these men may have had the same basic goals, but it is unfair to reagan to compare him to bush. give the gipper a little respect.

Monday, June 07, 2004


rip has an ok game, billups does the offensive heavy lifting, and the lakers forget shaq plays for them. the detroit pistons, with emphasis on "d" are in this series more than any laker fan want to admit.

charles takes manahttan

well, i'm back. i'll know if i have a job in two weeks, as they need to let the school year end first.

the real fun is the trip, so here were the highlights:

the trip going there was uneventful. once in nyc, i caught a taxi to hotel 17, which is on 225 east 17th street. only i was dropped off at 25 east 17th street. at midnight. after 5 hours on a plane.

to explain hotel 17, let me tell you a story: my freshman year of high school, my grandfather took me to sweden to see where our family had come from. we stayed one night in a 19th century prison that was converted into a hotel. those rooms were bigger than hotel 17.

when i was leaving, i had made it to la guardia three and a half hours early. good thing. i arrived to find that american airlines computers were down. the consequences of which were three-fold, all information for people without tickets or itineraries was lost, the baggage checking system was shut down, and the system they use to identify people to give a terrorist-level search to was inoperable. this caused a line a fourth of a mile to wrap around the inside of la guardia. and i'm not exaggerating. after about 70 minutes a woman came up and asked if i was checking any thing. i said no and produced an itinerary, so i was able to skip to the line waiting to be searched. 60 minutes later, i was searched, and on my way to the first of 3 gates my plane was supposed to land at. but i had it better than a group of elderly people that were headed to florida: they had to change gates to one in a different section of the airport. this meant another security check. luckily, they had someone escort them past the security check. i hope they weren't terrorists. so now i'm on the plane, and on time! but a 90 minute delay takes my optimism and spits on it. i only had a 70 minute lay over in chicago. we landed in chicago with three minutes until i had to be at my plane. i look up and see that the plane to el paso is on time. the gate i had to get to was about an eighth of a mile from where i had landed, so i book it over there. and the plane is delayed. and delayed, and delayed again. so i call up a friend in chicago to say hi. about a minute into the call, my flight gets moved up to one of the earlier delay times, and i land in el paso twenty minutes later than i had planned on.

that was my (latest)trip to the city that never sleeps.

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