Wednesday, February 02, 2005

i'm back baby!!!!

you know you missed me.

well, what have been up to? (aside from darts)

-more responsibility at work.
-assistant softball coach at school.
-still tweaking the new computer.
-hung out with my best friend, who was only here a week.
-watching football. (go eagles)

so i'm back now.

first things first- congrats to Iraq. they had elections, and there is a new group in charge. i hope this whole democracy thing takes.

-can any news outlet stop the presidential handjobs and think rationally?

-why isn't raising the retirement age a great idea?

-personal note: get a tivo or like device. they rock.

-don't play roulette with bloggers' next blog. it can get pretty ugly.

-to rich. hey. how has it been with you?

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