Wednesday, December 08, 2004

you can make a whole book out of that?

the book Grand Canyon: A Different View. has been getting a lot press lately. this is due to it being sold at the grand canyon. what is wrong with that? it is a creationist look at how the grand canyon was formed. they say it was noah's flood. no, really, that is how they explain it. well, wouldn't you know that those liberal science bastards would get all huffy about it. when will they just give into conjecture and follow the one true god?

ok, enough sarcasm. at texas tech about 4 years ago i attended a lecture featuring a leading creationist. his goal was to validate that life could only have come about by way of god, and that the earth was about 5000 years old. i was a 20 year old history major, and i saw how faulty the science was. our science professors were not kind, ripping gaping hole in all his points, from cells aligning in particular formations inn nature, to his "hyper-canyon building." the most glaring weakness of his position was the fact that at many points he had to go back to it being god's will. this is the problem with putting a creationist book in a national park. if little timmy picks that book out because of the pretty pictures, he might start getting a really warped view of the way science works. and yet, we haven't removed the book yet.

is this what we want america to be?

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