Friday, December 03, 2004


before i get to what i have to say, why not go check out what pinto and his commenters said.

first of all, i am sad. i was hoping bonds was innocent, and now i know i was wrong. as for his denial, i think he is splitting hairs. sure, he might not have known they were steroids, but i think he knew he shouldn't have been taking them. think ethan hawke in training day: he knew he shouldn't of smoked the joint, but didn't know it was pcp. either way, he will be held accountable. the question is how do they do that? none of what he did was against the rules in the time he did it. its the same with the giambis. how do they retroactively punish someone?

they part that stinks here is that mlb can know throw barry to the wolves and more easily deny the severity of steroid abuse in baseball. when an estimated 50% of big leaguers might be juiced there is no easy fix, yet punishing bonds will buy them time. this was a witchhunt that caught a witch and might pardon a coven.

that analogy really wasn't very good.

here is a good point.

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