Friday, December 03, 2004


before i get to what i have to say, why not go check out what pinto and his commenters said.

first of all, i am sad. i was hoping bonds was innocent, and now i know i was wrong. as for his denial, i think he is splitting hairs. sure, he might not have known they were steroids, but i think he knew he shouldn't have been taking them. think ethan hawke in training day: he knew he shouldn't of smoked the joint, but didn't know it was pcp. either way, he will be held accountable. the question is how do they do that? none of what he did was against the rules in the time he did it. its the same with the giambis. how do they retroactively punish someone?

they part that stinks here is that mlb can know throw barry to the wolves and more easily deny the severity of steroid abuse in baseball. when an estimated 50% of big leaguers might be juiced there is no easy fix, yet punishing bonds will buy them time. this was a witchhunt that caught a witch and might pardon a coven.

that analogy really wasn't very good.

here is a good point.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

i'm back, baby

well, well, well. i'll bullet point these, so here are my thoughts on all sorts of things in the the order they occur to me.

-that pacers-pistons fight was crazy, but i won't be happy unless all fans involved are stripped of their right to enter an nba arena. as for the players, all the penalties seem about right, except for big ben, who got off light.

-now that ridge is gone i hope we scrap the color system.

-while i don't like rice taking over for powell, i will give credit to bush in his color blindness when appointing officials. now if only he'd allow dissenting opinion.

-cul at ratboy's anvil is a bit touchy on my commentary that his blog was suffering. well, seeing as it has weathered that storm, i take back the overreaching "death of a good blog" comment. really, i'm glad he took the time to look at my increasingly amateurish blog.

-bill simmons should stick with pop commentary, as his sports commentary is a little stale as of late.

-because i read him, for no other reason a link to the liberal antithesis.

-another link to ratboy, to show there are no ill feelings. you really should go check it out.

-the giants would sign willie mays, but he isn't old enough.

-all the new shows this year suck.

-you know a friend is worth keeping when you pick up after five years like it was five minutes.

-erik was much to kind to post while i was gone.

-the boondocks needs to find some direction fast.

-i really hate people that make every single conversation a political grudge match.

-we need good movie to come out asap.

-i do not get my students' love of ja rule.

-gta:sa is almost too much. i never thought a video game would overload me with options.

-tech had a pretty good year. i hope they destroy whatever team they meet in their bowl.

-willingham was let go too soon.

-the holidays would kick ass if you could cherrypick the relatives you had to see.

-I read the comics so you don't have to is a good blog.

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