Saturday, May 22, 2004

they do the jobs canadians aren't willing to do

mexican strippers are receiving work visas to strip in canada. looks like mexico is losing one of its last natural resources.

a modest proposal

well, eating people. another proposal: hold the conventions on the same weekend, one saturday and one sunday. this would eliminate any advantages that come with going first or last, and you can market it like a real event.

the reason for technology

i think all technology has been leading to this point.

i know it'd been said,many times many ways...

but the single biggest problem in the world by far is religion


you just can't stop the lakers if shaq hits his free throws

Friday, May 21, 2004


i think the lake show ends this round. wolves in 6.

also, the pistons strap up and get their "d" on. pistons in 6.

pistons are flying high off of destroying the nets, and they match up well with the pacers. i see rip going off.

the lakers are old. they won game 5 on a miracle, and i can shoot as well as the spurs did in game 6. they were not dominant, and the other team slipped. the wolves are riding good vibes and two hot hot players (kg and sammy). the only thing that can stop them is for shaq to go off for the whole series, or for kobe to play like a man possessed. i just think the wolves can weather that storm and come out standing.

a brilliant idea!

the sports guy as a great plan:
It's too bad you could never coordinate this with 40,000 people, but the next time Barry Bonds comes up, if everyone at SBC Park cheered all at once, and then someone in the right-field stands threw a ball into the bay so all those losers in the boats would dive in for the ball ... and then this happened like five or six times ... I mean, that would be kinda fun, right?

i would pay to watch this. not much, but i'd pay.

torture: real moral relativism

claiming torture is ok because it works is crazy. why not smother a crying baby? it'll shut them up. just because something can work doesn't give us a right to do it.


article III, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

can we admit now that no one in the media has committed treason?

a little help?

scarborough keeps using a quote he says is from michael moore's website, but i can't seem to find it. it's about more americans needing to die. i want to read it for myself, but can't find it anywhere. has anybody seen this? if so, can you leave me the link? scarborough wouldn't be makng it up would he?

a duel could be fun

scarborough is worried that we are heading to point where a burr-hamilton type duel could happen. i say do it. we can pick out two politicians and have them go at. by the way, this is the first thing i have ever agreed on with anny coulter.

no more kidd games

with a title like that, i should work at page 2. two quick thoughts on game 7:
1. i am happy with the pistons moving on. i am a fan of rip and big ben.
2. kidd scoreless? you mean to tell me that tech alum darvin ham scored as much as kidd in game 7? i'm not saying that i could score a point in that game, but i'm 5'8 and out of shape.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

the poem that upset erik

my friend erik is a bush backer, but this story even got him upset. the school's actions were bad enough, but look at some conservative commentary on the subject. here is the poem:

Bush said no child would be left behind
And yet kids from inner-city schools
Work on Central Avenue
Jingling cans that read
Please sir, may I have some more?
They hand out diplomas like toilet paper
And lower school standards
Underpaid, unrespected teachers
Are afraid of losing their jobs
Funded by the standardized tests
That shows our competency
When I'm in detox.
This is the Land of the Free ...
Where the statute of limitations for rape is only five damn years!
And immigrants can't run for President.
Where Muslims are hunted because
Some suicidal men decided they didn't like
Our arrogant bid for modern imperialism.
This is the Land of the Free ...
You drive by a car whose
Bumper screams
God bless America!
Well, you can scratch out the B
And make it Godless
Because God left this country a long time ago.
The founding fathers made this nation
On a dream and now
Freedom of Speech
Lets Nazis burn crosses, but
Calls police to
Gay pride parades.
We somehow
Can afford war with Iraq
But we can't afford to pay the teachers
Who educate the young who hold the guns
Against the "Axis of Evil"
Land of the Free ...
This is the land
If you're politically assertive
They call you a traitor and
Damn you to ostracism.
Say good-bye to Johnny Walker Lindh
And his family.
Bye Bye.
American Pie.
So maybe
My ideas about this nation
Don't resolve around perfection
But at least I know
Education is more important
Than money.
Land of the Free . . .
If this was utopia
We'd have to see each other naked
Before we got married
But instead, we see each other naked all the time
Because the government has my social security number
And the name of my dog!
And then we make babies,
But don't worry, they won't be left behind
And they grow up saying
God bless America!
But they don't know who Bush is
Because they never learned the Presidents.
And they will ride the ship Amistad
To our dreamland shores
Bearing the same shackles as us.
I'm here to say that
Generation X
Is pissed and we are taking over,
Ripping down the American illusion of perfection
We are the future generation
I have my qualifications
I know it looks like Angel Soft paper,
But don't worry
It's a diploma
Do I look qualified?
You can take our toilet paper,
But you can't take our Revolution.

thanks to the progressive review

anny coulter

why do i even read that garbage? my favorite line? the one about the right not complaining about any news outlet like the left complains about fox news. i know she's heard of the new york times. (the title of this article? "the other lame 'times'") i have heard my fare share about how biased they are. again, why do i do it to myself?

"clean" dvd players

the debate over ClearPlay dvd players that edit movies of questionable content continues. this is bad. there is a simple way to stop children from seeing content parents don't want them to: don't make it available. if you don't want them watching something you don't like, don't let in the house. if you can't control your kids, don't expect a dvd player to do the job for you. also, the assault on copyrights and trademarks is appalling. why have freedom of expression if you can't use it?

bang zoom to the moon, i mean mars, alice!

i'm not against this idea categorically, but how about after we get out of iraq and fix the economy.

what happened to bush the uniting president?

remember when bush said he was dedicated to lessening partisan politics? well, where does meeting with only republicans fit into that goal?

he knows sacrifice

house speaker dennis hastert thinks john mccain needs to respect the plight of our soldiers. you know, that draft-dodging mccain, that dumb democr-- wait. i think mccain knows about sacrifice. perhaps hastert should learn to keep his tongue in check.

south dakota politics

it just doesn't seem right that the minority leader is from south dakota, but then again, it is a minor state. all that might not matter if daschle doesn't get re-elected.

one crazy night

a man at the strip club "scores" in new york dropped $28,000 in one night. who hasn't done that?

picking your morals

a story on moral relativism in catholic america.

question: how much is a human life worth?

my biggest problem with the current administration is the lack of uniformity on the issue of the value of a life. a strait life is more than a gay life (at their quality of life), an israeli life is worth more than a palestinian life, and an american life is worth much much more than an iraqi, or really, arab life. i'll concede that bush's concern with american lives should be very pressing, as he is the president, but then he places his agenda before american lives. so my question is, what is a life worth?


that is all i can say.

NCAA walk-on sues

this guy is suing because they said he might be able to earn a scholarship, then told there weren't any. here's a tip: earn it out of high school!

mass. senate votes to repeal 1913 law

a law designed to kweel inter-racial marriages was repealed in massachusetts after the governor was using it to try to stop gay marriage. though the law had not been enforced in 40 years, one has to wonder why it has been on the books this long.story here.

wolves win

this was a monster game by KG. if that doesn't shut up his critics, then what will?

the point? knowledge!

this is a forum to educate the masses on anything that comes to mind. why limit knowledge with set rules of protocol for this noble endeavor? but questions are fun. how about this question: why pick such an obvious movie reference for your handle?

What's the point?

So Charles, is there going to be any form of coherence with this blog or is it just a random sampling of your thoughts and the goings on in the news? Why not ask questions or pose debates to allow for a wider variety of commentary.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

u.s. attacks a wedding party

maybe they thought it was a gay weddding. really, though, what did they think the wedding was?

church of fools

that is their name, not an insult by me. i concur, though. here is a story on their attempts to cleanse their on-line church.

looking for contributors

anyone that wants to contribute to this site on a semi-regualar to regular basis, just let me know. i'm taking applications for about the next week or two. don't worry if you have differing opinions from me, i'll still consider you.

family guy

i miss this great show. i have the dvds, and am excited about the movie, but i miss the days when you had to guess it was on.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

nick berg's last words

nick berg's last words a plea for us all to move to philadelphia? i think goes beyond stretching it. not all last words are inspiring. there is nothing wrong with his words. we do not need to give greater meaning to them.

schmidt the man of the hour

ok, he's not randy is. way to go randy. but schmidt threw a one-hitter! that is just what the giants needed. now they need to clone him three or four times and maybe they can reach .500.

am i a liberal nut?

probably. if you wish there was a voice out there telling me i'm wrong, go check out the liberal antithesis. note the good choice of blog template, and inform yourself with views from the other side of politics.

texans are dumb

need proof? no? well here is some anyway.

more on colin powell

i'm not the only one who thinks powell would make a good VP for kerry. bell curve at the citizens is of the same accord.

tony randall has died

this was one funny guy. being a tad too young to remember him from his hey day, most of my memories are based on his guest appearances on shows, and not his run on the odd couple. my favorite memory of him is on snl, where tom hanks is a man with no short term memory. hanks is on a game show, and at the end of the game how tony randall comes out to be his celebrity partner. great stuff.

score one for charles

on a trek through some blogs, i happened upon a 14 year old that was against gay marriage. we debated a bit and came this compromise: she didn't like it because she is a homophobic religious nut, and i could see the validity of getting rid of marriage all together. i went back to her blog to see where she stood today, and her comment section had been removed. so i win. in the same vein, i was at a catholic blog that had people debating the same issue with me until i dumbfounded them and they started accusing gay people for all the disease in the world. so i guess in the battle of open discussion, it's charles 2, religious homophobes 0.

Monday, May 17, 2004

saved by the bell

has any show stood the test of time like saved by the bell? actually, many shows have stood up much better, but you can't beat it a four in the morning. it is by far the best thing on in that time slot.

ted rall

now i know that in some ways ted rall could be seen as the ann coulter of the left, but at least he uses facts in his articles. this is a top-notch article on the iraqi prison scandal.

actors are people, too

after reading countless attacks by radio personalities, writers, and aveage citizens bash actors and directors for their political views (bashee of the moment, michael moore) i have to ask the obvious question? why is your opinion better than theirs? it is amazing how we will listen to the idiot rantings of political pundits and shock-jocks, but once an actor says they favor someone over someone else, well they can go sodomize themselves. we all have a voice. none of them really matter, but we all get to use them. let's stop bashing people with opinions just besause they are actors. we can attack their beliefs, but not their right to state those beliefs. on that note, rush is a moron.

colin powell on meet the press

powell was on meet the press discussing many issues relating to the war. i have to say that of all of bush's people i still respect him the most. at the end of the interview, questions about powell speaking before the UN in feb. of last year were posed. at that moment, emily miller, a press aide, attempts to end the interview by shifting the camera. powell chastises her and the interview concludes. powell is a class act, answering questions that strike at his very credibility.

that said, how about this: a unified ticket with kerry picking powell as VP? thoughts?

looking for contributors

anyone that wants to contribute to this site on a semi-regular to regular basis, just let me know. i'm taking applications for about the next week or two. don't worry if you have differing opinions from me, i'll still consider you.

the south

i don't know why people insist on making fun og the south. oh, yeah, yes i do.

but what IS the calorie count?

if i ever have vast amounts of disposable income, you can bet i'll order this.

alexandra kerry

this daughter of a presidential hopeful was labeled a "US film director" by the AP. revealing photo here. i remember her from one of her two acting roles. (no directing credits) she was a bartender in the very good "spartan." she did ok.


we found the weapon of mass destruction. i knew there was one! sweet justification for all the lives lost.

faces of gay marriage

marc rios (granola snorting nixon) was in mass. for the first leaglly recognized gay marriages in america. it's great to see that there is love in this world.

republican jesus

he has come to save us all.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

rating kevin smith

we all love him. well, we all should love him. here is how i personally rate all his movies. they are listed in order of my favorite to least favorite

chasing amy A+ in my top 5. a real winner, the dialouge and subject matter are classic. a must watch

mallrats B+ saved by jason lee, this movie tried to do too much, but in the end it is really, really fun

dogma A a great, silly, look at religion that hits what it wants to hit, and only should offend zealots

jersey girl A a great family film, this movie shows a softness that is not present in his other work

clerks A- a great film, the dialouge is top-notch. unfortunately some of the acting is just plain bad, and production values are understandibly low. all no-budget films could aspire to this

jay and silent bob strike back C+ smith's love letter to himself and his minions, it works as a great clip-show for his other films, but does not stand up well alone

there you go: four great movies, a great comedy, and a film not made for the masses.

if you want opinions on another director's work, let me know

nba playoffs

the pistons even it up, and i hope they win game 7. the wolves fall and i hope they win as well. on to the controversy: the announcers put all the blame for the elbow incident on KG. the AP, however, went the other way with it. i have to say that both players are guilty, but peeler instigated it and through the dirtiest shot.


they are bad. really bad. reall, really bad. but the d-backs are worse. how did that happen? by the way, i'm suspending the homer watch until barry goes deep again

gay marriage

wow. it is amazing how many people are railing against other's pursuit of happiness. i could have sworn it was our right to be happy if it doesn't impact another's ability. guess i was wrong

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