Sunday, August 22, 2004

created from nothing

seeing that swift boat veterans for truth needed only to have been in the same general area at the same general time as kerry to justify their smear campaign, allow me to launch my own politically biased, and fictional story:

Bush had Homosexual Affair with Texas Tech University Student

Lubbock, TX- President George W. Bush had a brief affair with a male student at Texas Tech University reports the University Daily, Texas Tech's campus newspaper. The student, identified only as Blake, tells of a three day affair in the fall of 1999, a year before Bush was elected President of the United States. Blake tells of the weekend he spent with Bush following a Texas Tech- Texas football game. "We met at a bar, then asked to see my dorm room", said the then junior. Blake said that dildos were used and that Bush was a gentile lover. While all records show that Blake is lying, Charles Melin, a student attending Texas Tech at the time, says Blake is telling the truth. Melin is quoted as saying "Just because the facts say I'm wrong and I'm politically biased against Bush, feel free to quote my wild speculation as fact." He followed up with this: "Besides wanting to harm Bush's re-election bid, why would I lie?" Seeing as we're too lazy and incompetent to fact-check, we'll assume that Bush is in fact a filthy sodomist.

vote for sale

i have put my vote in the hands of my students. whoever gives me the best argument for their candidate will sway my vote their way. seeing as i'm in texas, this will mean little in the overall scheme, but i hope it gives me a little insight into how these guys feel about politics.

seeing as i haven't been keeping up lately, how about checking out ratboy's anvil. he has touched on my two latest peeves: the kerry "scandal" (i knew dole was funny, but not this funny) and anything to do with punishing anti-bush protestors.

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