Saturday, June 19, 2004

is this regional?

i'm watching political commercials, and i notice a pattern: so far roughly 9/10 of bush's commercials are negative, while none of kerry's are. on the flip side, kerry is still yet to make a stand in his commercials. my question: is this the case everywhere, or just the southwest?

Thursday, June 17, 2004

out of town yet again

this weekend i'll be watching my nephew as my sister gets to watch dave chappelle live. at least i only have to drive four hours this time. i'm a good brother.

it's true

you tend to admonish things in other people that you yourself are guilty of. example: i constantly accuse nick from net politik and rants of the conservative mind of being too verbose and needlessly dense. these are my faults when speaking in public to a group of any size. it is so easy to throw around intellectualisms to wow people that the sensibility of being conciseness is lost to hubris. i just believe that i'd do better to make sure the message got across than to look good doing it.


i must say that i never really watched buffy the vampire slayer or the spin-off angel, but having seen the reruns on fx and tnt, i have to say that these shows are really good. i really missed the boat when these were on.

what really matters? giants win 10-2

after a day of cleaning up after a toilet overflow and then debating over at rants of the conservative mind, i check the scores and see that gem of a score. it is enough to make me feel good about the whole day, toilet and all. the giants have moved into second place, and bonds might break his own intention walk record by next tuesday. if they are playing to potential (with durham "healthy" for the first time this year, lets hope) then they have a real chance. the only thing bugging me? rooting for the yankees this weekend. (they are playing the dodgers)

coulter on reagan

another week, another story on reagan. pay close attention as she slams reagan's son for not knowing his father.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

a kid's game

i saw this incident live on television. i have to say that it might have been the worst case of selfishness i've ever seen. would i like a foul ball? yes. would i steal it from a kid? no way. i'm glad the kid got the hook up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


i was wrong. i thought they would need six games. they didn't. the pistons throttled the lake show, winning by 13. it felt like they won by 50. i have never been so happy about a team winning that wasn't one of my favorites.

sex, lies, and video games

so some people are afraid that breasts will destroy america. you know what? if you don't want your kids seeing it, then don't let them. but don't pretend seeing breasts will warp them.

gloves coming off?

it looks like politics might get a little uglier. leave it to a texan to start a feud. tact and playing nice are what texans tend to pride themselves on (well, that and a lot of things), but petty bickering has been the norm here forever. my favorite dick move is how every five years or so the state senate makes a joke about kicking el paso out of the state. jerks.

Monday, June 14, 2004

ralph wiley dies

i never cared for his columns, but i enjoyed his television work. i appreciated his take on sports, as it was almost always inflammatory yet grounded in some sort of hidden truth. 52 is much too young to leave this world.


quickly on the nba: the pistons will sow this up in 5 if they keep up the energy on the defensive end. the only concern they should have is a monster game from kobe, but i don't think that that would be enough to take down detroit.

on to the giants:
when they picked up ponson last year i was optimistic. he was passable in the season, but was pounded by the fish. well, he leaves to go back to baltimore and then the giants come to town. what does sindney do? he calls out barry bonds. if only every pitcher was this stupid. of course bonds goes deep on him. they are now
a game and a half back with the blue jays coming to town. i just hope they win this series (or even sweep) before the red sox with wakefield and pedro come to town this weekend.

don't they have an oath?

a doctor suggested that lawyers against limits paid in damages be denied medical care except in emergencies. while he was shouted down by his peers, i find this distressing. i like the idea of the doctor helping whoever comes through the door.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

damned if you do...

so coulter takes liberals to task for speaking fondly of reagan. never mind that if they had spoken against him, then those liberals would have been heartless bastards that poke ill of the dead.

i have a problem with the idea that you have to hate people that disagree with you. sure, i hate people. but i do not base it on just part of their personality. i have many conservative friends, and many friends that think everything but my taste in movies is sub-par. yet we are friends. the lesson: you can like people you don't agree with, and failing that, you can say something nice if they die. accept for chuck. i wouldn't say anything nice about chuck.

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