Sunday, May 16, 2004

rating kevin smith

we all love him. well, we all should love him. here is how i personally rate all his movies. they are listed in order of my favorite to least favorite

chasing amy A+ in my top 5. a real winner, the dialouge and subject matter are classic. a must watch

mallrats B+ saved by jason lee, this movie tried to do too much, but in the end it is really, really fun

dogma A a great, silly, look at religion that hits what it wants to hit, and only should offend zealots

jersey girl A a great family film, this movie shows a softness that is not present in his other work

clerks A- a great film, the dialouge is top-notch. unfortunately some of the acting is just plain bad, and production values are understandibly low. all no-budget films could aspire to this

jay and silent bob strike back C+ smith's love letter to himself and his minions, it works as a great clip-show for his other films, but does not stand up well alone

there you go: four great movies, a great comedy, and a film not made for the masses.

if you want opinions on another director's work, let me know

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