Tuesday, October 05, 2004

ask charles

my site is having trouble, so i'm going to update it here:

where were u born?  el paso, tx

I can understand everything else everyone has asked you.
But I don't think anyone's asked you this yet:
Why did you become a teacher?

Why El Dorado
High School. Mind you, Mr. Melin,
I have absolutely nothing wrong with you
working there.
But why? I mean. You went to ... that... place.. college thing?

Isn't there anything else you wanted to.
(This not including your video career!)

i became a teacher for the vacation time. actually,
i love to see people when they finally start thinking,
so why not lend a hand? el dorado because they we hiring.
i'd like to get money for nothing, but paris hilton took that one.

Why the hell do you have a website you egotistic freak!!!!!!!!!:

well, because i'm an e
gomaniacal jerk.

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