Friday, May 28, 2004

the media bias

1. can you point out where this bias is please? yes, some outlets skew left. others skew right. where are examples of true bias that aren't refuted in other mainstream media. i'll look at them all. i want to be proven wrong. it seems to me that we buy it because we here it so much. here is a study that shows that in many ways the "liberal" media is in fact conservative. just watch the cycles. who ever is on top gets the lion's share of the negative press. why? it sells.

2. as for the off-topic comment on cnn and fox news, have you tried to watch cnn? the production values are low, and their people don't shout and put people down as much as fox news. america likes to be entertained, and that is what fox news does. here's a question: what is more popular, a documentary on, say, anything, or reality programming? what is more popular on-line: intellectual debates like this one, or porn? just because it's popular doesn't mean it's better.

3. i'll give you that fox news is a better watch: they do a better job, period. if cnn could match production values, then maybe they'd be even in ratings. i'm an msnbc man myself.

4. as for the new york times, they know the prison scandal will sell their papers, so thats what they put on the cover. if kerry was found out as gay, or a junkie, or to be cheating on his wife, what do you think the story one page one would be?

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