Tuesday, June 01, 2004

red and blue: do they represent you?

i am tired of being lumped in with everyone in my state as a republican. the texas republicans called and asked me to give them money. their rationale? i sounded like a republican, and of course i'm a texan. just because i live in this state, i must support the "red state" candidate. i feel bad for the people like me that don't vote with their surroundings. i am sure there is a "blue state" candidate many people would rather not be associated with, but are due to geography. i just feel that my vote has lost some meaning considering there is no chance anyone but bush will win here. does this same feeling occur in those states that are predestined for kerry? i can vote to show my support to the causes i believe in, but it won't change anything in this election. face it: i could if i could get my whole city (el paso) to vote for, say, local legend don haskins, it would not impact the states electoral college votes going to bush. i might try to do it, anyway.

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