Wednesday, June 02, 2004


well, these two teams split their to regular season games, both home teams winning. the lakers even gave up 106 at detroit. this was all before rasheed came to detroit.

so how will the series play out? most people are guessing 4 or 5 for the lakers. but let's look at this thing.

the lakers only work when shaq is killing and kobe gets going. the wallaces' can hang with shaq, making his life difficult. prince is out of his mind right now on d, so put him on kobe. hope the rest don't kill you, but it's not like everyone else in detroit are slackers on the d end of the floor.

who can stop rip? they say kobe, but can he keep up with rip and still be effective on the other side of the floor? the boggest problem on offense is big ben. he won't do anything against shaq.

so who will win? i'm taking detroit in 6. i think they'll slow down and beat up la, and in the end rip will be the only one left with anything in the tank. at least i hope it happens that way.

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