Tuesday, July 13, 2004

5 great movies you might not have heard of

knowing that everyone is always on the lookout for a great movie, here are some of my favorites (in no particular order) that have not garnered much attention:

the minus man B+ owen wilson stars as a a serial killer who fancies himself an angel of mercy. brian cox (i love that guy!) co-stars. it has a dreamy feel to it and is hauntingly low key.

vulgar B a sick, sick movie from view askew (kevin smith's production company) this dark film tells the story of the clown from the opening of clerks. not for everyone, but interesting.

zero effect B bill pullman stars as a sherlock holmes-type trying to solve cases without interacting directly with the outside world. ben stiller plays his representative, a watson-type.

run ronnie run B this movie is based on a running sketch from "mr. show." it follows the life of a man that makes a living out of being arrested on reality cop shows.

scotland, p.a. A- it's macbeth set in a 70's fast food joint. the sound track is almost all bad company, and it works fabulously.

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