Monday, July 12, 2004

gay marriage

Many thanks to the liberal slayer for sending me this story on the subject.

If two adults want to wed, let them. If they find a cleric to grace their nuptials, hallelujah -- although signing a contract should suffice. Clergy and laity should decide who may and may not marry in America's religious institutions.

i have to say that that about mirrors my views on the subject. another point touched on in the article that has bothered me is the notion that marriage is about having babies.

As for child-rearing, same-sex-marriage opponents should explain why couples who fail or refuse to reproduce or adopt may enjoy matrimonial benefits. If "the core purpose of marriage is to bind children to their mothers and fathers," as Stanley Kurtz argued July 1 on National Review Online, marriage licenses should expire after, say, five years if husbands and wives neither bear nor adopt children.

a fair point. you should read the whole article. let's look at this subject rationally and figure out what is right for america before we butcher the constitution.

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