Saturday, July 10, 2004

rating wes anderson

this is another one of my favorite directors. i love all three films. here is my ranking:

bottle rocket. A+ i love this movie. this just might be my favorite film of all time, and most of it has to do with dignan. this is sublime "dumb" comedy that is much smarter than most films. i tend to judge people on how they feel about this movie.

rushmore. A this film works the whole time and looks about as good as a movie can look. there is nothing i don't like about this movie.

the royal tenenbaums. A this film looks great and is very well done, but seems too unique at times. regardless, i do love this film. an aside: my best friend's mother hated this film so much she stopped it about thirty minutes in and refused to finish it.

while these are listed in chronological order, they are also in order of my preference.

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