Friday, July 09, 2004


the grade: C

this movie doesn't come close to working overall, but it does have it's moments. i have never been a will ferrell fan, but i have appreciated him in certain roles. this role could have worked in a different movie, or this one if the focus had been on the rivalry with other networks instead of inner-office turmoil. the movie worked best when supporting actors were on screen. steve carell is by far the best of the main cast, and jack black has the funniest role in the film. too bad he had less the four minutes screen time. the other network anchors (vince vaughn, luke wilson, ben stiller, and tim robbins) all work better than ferrell, and even the dog comes off funnier. my favorite part was in the outtakes when they threw in an outtake from smokey and the bandit 2, or the afternoon delight moment. this film would be good for the dollar theatres, or maybe a rental. a disappointment.

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