Monday, October 18, 2004

when religion becomes the problem and other observations

*note, there is a curse word in the line after mentioning the progressive blog alliance and the liberal slayer. if you don't want to see it, skip it.

i know i seem rather totally against religion at times, but i really do see the positives it brings. this article, however, highlights many of my fears about this new trend in religious politics.

encouraging news from the classroom: my students are finally getting that homophobic remarks are silly. i have totally wiped out the term gay being used in the negative, and did it only by discussing the the situation rationally. not a small feat in a sophomore class.

if you haven't seen jon stewert on crossfire, go check it out. i saw it at i have to say that tucker carlson needs to refine his debate style.

the mary cheney topic was also addressed in class, and i decided to defer to what andrew sullivan had to say. the basic idea is that is isn't insulting to call a lesbian a lesbian.

i was reading net politik today and noticed i was listed under his shameless self promotion. i felt honored. i'll also ask you now to check out the progressive blog alliance and then, in the spirit of opposite spin, go look up the liberal slayer at the liberal antithesis, who is again posting.

also, fuck the yankees. though, after a friendly wager in which i took the yanks, the bosox have taken two. if i lose the wager it would be worth it to see the yanks go down.

is it weird that i'm hoping a little for a 1-15 season from the phins? (the only win coming over the pats, ruining their bid at a perfect season)

man, i hope the cards take out the 'stros. i hate jeff "porn star" kent. he's an even bigger ass than bonds. (on an aside, why are the only people saying they have dirt on bonds also the only people on trial? also, why is bonds the only player getting accused of steroids when another superstar much more easily fits the classic steroid mold? sosa, even giambi?)

for anyone that doesn't know, i went to texas tech. don't feel bad for me, as i have decided to be proud of it. well, here is my prediction for the game this weekend: tech 52, texas 28. just wait.

when did U2 start sucking so bad?

wow. all of this and i didn't mention team america? for shame. the movie was great, though i don't like vomit humor. parker and stone do what they do best: piss everyone off. it was well worth it. grade: B (lose the potty humor and it would have been B+) ebert totally blew that one.

finally, congrats to the slayer's son and his football team. .500 and looking to improve is a good place to be, especially with a growth spurt just around the corner.

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