Friday, April 30, 2004


bill simmons is mostly right on the subject of the mavs. seeing nelson go is a must. all offense all the time is fun to watch, but painful to route for. i think it's time to let finley go, and hopefully get more young and tenacious talent. they need a stopper in the biggest way. rasheed could help at this point. they need someone that can step up and take charge in the post on both ends of the floor, and they need to move bradley. maybe he could work for cuban getting things down out of the top shelf and free lance saving kittens from trees, as this basketball thing seems to be alluding him. all in all, they need to pick big three pieces (nash, dirk, and jamison) keep their role players (najera, fortson, howard, and daniels), and start fresh. trim the offense fat and build something that resembles a nba team

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