Friday, June 25, 2004

fahrenheit 9/11

let's start with the worst part: the audience. i hate audiences that feel a need to interact with the move. well, this audience was worse than a trekkie at the latest star trek film. it was almost insufferable. they cheered when moore's name came up, booed bush the first time he was on screen, and yelled "yeah" so many times i wondered if a group could catch tourette's from those around them. the booed when the film cut out a few seconds before the credits, then gave a standing ovation to the screen when it finished. i hate these types of people.

as for the movie, the grade first: A-

ok, moore's unfair attacks:

1. the eggs thrown at bush when he was elected.
-sure, it was shady and likely should have gone the other way, but don't give time to nuts that throw eggs.

2. that bush was on vacation 40% of the time in his first eight months.
-he was away from washington, so it looked like he was on vacation. i'll give bush the benefit of the doubt and assume he did some work in his 96 days away from the white house.

3. that it was bush personally that allowed the bin laden family to fly.
-this issue is all over the news today, so go find out the latest. it does seem odd, however, that the fbi would let them go

4. bush as deserter.
-i think we've all agreed that deserter is a step too far.

5. bush's oil company going under.
-have you been to west texas? it was rather dry to begin with and has been pumped beyond all reason. i'm not shocked a company would fail.

6. asking if bush was wondering what would be best for the saudis, instead of america.
-this was mostly baseless and totally unfair.

7. the look at the war.
-while he did a great job showing what was really happening in iraq, he did not mention how bad saddam was. this was being unfair by omission.

8. giving the lady outside the white house on screen time.
-not really unfair. i just don't like her.


1. highlighting the disenfranchisement that occurred in the 2000 election.
-this story was buried under chad-mania.

2. the choice not to show the planes hitting

3. the video of bush as he heard about the planes hitting.
-i looked more concerned.

4. examining the interference run by the white house at dissuade commissions from looking at 9/11.

5. the bonanza scene

6. look at the terror alerts.

7. small town america being warned to fear terrorists.

8. the patriot act and the wacky stories about it
- peacefresno was funny

9. oregan state police

10. powell and rice stating in 2001 that saddam didn't have wmds.

11. rumsfeld calling the coalition of the willing the mother of all coalitions

12. looking again at "mission accomplished"

13. the list that the recruiters were keeping of people who did not want to sign up.
-what was up with that?

that said, i think this movie is important, and you should see it. just keep an open yet skeptical mind.

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